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That awkward moment when authors know what they’re doing

names and fandoms and tumblr, oh my

Some characters are as famous as their author. Or even more famous, the scheming little buggers.

(Think: Sherlock. The author killed off the poor guy because his character was more famous than him. And he was then forced to bring Sherlock back to life because the fans lost it when he did that…good thing. ;D)

Honestly? It takes me eons to come up with a proper character for my name, one that my pickiness doesn’t tear apart. I’ll rampage name directories and websites and Tumblr (hey, don’t judge) and the skies of this blessed earth till I find something I’m happy with.

Other times, I’ll base the entire character off the name because the stars are aligned and the universe is happy and everything just seems to collapse into each other perfectly. Not that that happens often.

Till then, I just be the original person that I am and call them Nameless Characters #3. Yes, my creativity is worth commending. Totally.

Anyways, that got me thinking about the background of these names and exactly what they meant…and am still screaming at my deluded existence because I honestly had no freaking idea.  

So here’s a list (you saw that coming eheheh. *Ego voice* I don’t like lists…I love them.) of my top ten.

Yeah okay, I don’t. But these authors clearly do.


// mori – art – ti //

It literally means, to die is an art.


Excuse me while I go freak out. I just found this out now and…??? HOW? Could I not realize?!?

I’m crying because I only just found this out now and am now questioning my existence. It’s beautifully fitting.


Moriarty did die, alright. But even in death he made sure he got what he wanted. He managed to twist the deal somehow like he always has, and his death was art. He went down, but he took Sherlock down with him.*

*Actually no, not really. They’re both sneaky little geniuses who eventually managed to evade death.


// era – gon //

So this could either be a) me overthinking everything in fictional universes or b) Christopher Paolini being amazing and deserving everything in life.


I know a lot of people didn’t like the Inheritance Cycle, but I’ll be the odd one out and proclaim my love for Eragon and everything to do with it (unless we’re talking about that atrocious movie).*

So either we have;

Eragon. As in a really nice name but also suspiciously one letter away from spelling out Dragon.


Or Eragon, implying the beginning of a new era. With his birth, the old era has been left behind – as in era gone – and his birth signifies the beginning of the age of the dragons. The end of the tyranny.

*Suuuper off topic, but any other fans around here?


Okay, listen up folks, because there’s more to Lord Voldemort’s name than Tom Marvalo Riddle.

So I’m still in denial over the meticulous research JKR did over each and every name  (even friggin’ potion ingredient references, ohmygosh some of the most mundane HP theories made me doubt my existence, which is why Harry Potter fans are awesome. And that J.K Rowling is even more awesome, but I’m getting off the point.)


So either Lord Voldemort might be taken from Edgar Allan Poe’s character M. Valdemar, who died under hypnosis and came back as a squishy mass of rotting flesh, which is what Voldemort was like, until he regained his human form in the 4th book (even though he was still a squishy rotting mass of flesh at heart.)

img-thing Orrrrr, we have Voldemort, or “Vol de mort” which literally means Flight of Death in French.

 Ron Weasley

If we go into unnecessary detail (of course we’re going into unnecessary detail, that what we’re for), then Ron Weasley means Running Weasel in another language.

Running Weasel was a Chinese warlord who lives sometime in the 6th dynasty and was a good strategist and was known for never ever losing a game of chess (!!1!1!!!)

He died from a rat. Basically. A yellow rat.

A rat which had been dyed yellow.

*cough* *cough*

His soldiers had a very charming sense of humour, very much appreciated by me, and they decided to dye a rat yellow because of it’s sheer hilariousness. The rat knocked over a lamp in the palace causing it to burn it to the ground.

And thus was the untimely demise of Running Weasel.

You can thank me later.

no, this isn’t Nirvana from the afterlife after two long weeks of absence…in case you missed me heh xD NOW TELL ME; what is the name you are proudest of giving your character if you write? do you know conspiracy theories of your favourite fandom better than you know yourself? (it happens)

Nirvana A

20 thoughts on “That awkward moment when authors know what they’re doing

  1. Ooh, I like these things! I think the fact that Voldemort as “flight of death” is a little more common, especially since J.K. Rowling originally wanted it to be pronounced “Vol-de-morrr” because French people don’t say their t’s at the end. And she majored in French. But you could be right about your allusion, too. I TOO LIKE ERAGON AND I LIKE YOUR THEORY. Because he is totally the symbol of a new era. I think what makes it cooler is that he’s also named after the first dragon rider, and so in that context they are both the dragon riders who end an era of discord between dragons and anthropomorphic beings in Alagaesia. Hooray for cyclical history!


    • Considering the meticulous research that she put into the smallest of details, the Edgar Allen Poe theory might work, but you’rte right. The Voldemorr one is probably more likely.

      WE MUST ALLY FORCES AND FLAIL OVER ERAGON. Say whaaat. That makes it even cooler now, omg.


  2. I loved Eragon and Eldest when I first read them, but then the super long wait between Eldest and Brisingr meant I never really managed to get back into the world. It was too complicated to pick up without rereading the first two which would have taken ages. So I just never really finished the series, which is kinda sad.


    • I KNOW THE FEELING. Or when you want to read a book, but life gets int he way and you can’t finish it. Then the next time you pick it up, you can’t pick up from where you left off because you forgot everything. You can’t start again because it’s boring and you remember SOME of it, at least. Am I making sense? In any case, it’s painful.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. OH MY GOSH. THIS IS SOOO COOL. You. have. done. your. research. O_O This is pure AWESOME, Nirvana! Isn’t it so cool when there are little hidden meanings everywhere?! :O That is awesome – wow! I always love to name my charries with names that mean something bigger, mwaha . . . but I never thought about authors actually doing that, like, DUH. Of course they would. :O I’m now going to be scouring all the books and be looking up the meanings of names, lol. XD

    Also – YES. I MISSED YOU. I was wondering if maybe I had gotten unsubscribed somehow, because I was not receiving any posts. O_O XD But seriously, a break is always good, and I hope that yours was great. 😀


    • YAS. Honestly I’m rethinking every character name as of ever now because damn these authors are good xD

      Oh yayy, my absence was noticed ^-^ I missed scouring through your posts as well, but all is well. I HAVE EMERGED. XD


  4. I swear half my characters are nameless until the second draft. But all of these? Literally the best?!? I knew about Moriarty and Voldemort, but Ron’s name — I had no clue. Although I read this hilarious post on Tumblr about how all the HP headcanons exist because Harry’s too unobservant to disprove any headcanons XD


  5. When I can’t think of what to name my characters, I do this: N(ot)Y(et)N(amed)F/M(emale/ale)C(haracter). So basically I’ll have a character named NYNFC or NYNMC.

    And I knew about Moriarty and Voldemort and Eragon, but Ron’s name came as a surprise. It makes me wonder…I also know that “Sirius” is the brightest star in the Canis Major constellation, and is known as the dog star, so J.K. Rowling really put thought into her character’s names.

    Thanks for stopping by Writing on a Vintage Typewriter!


    • That….is beautiful. I am so doing that next time. Partially because I’m inept at names in general and will choose them on how nice they sound. So shallow.

      I knowww, JK Rowling really is queen. HOW DOES SHE MAKE EVERYTHING SO DEEP?!?/

      Thanks for commenting!


  6. OMG I AM IN AWE OF THESE AUTHORS. naming kills me. KILLS ME. *cries* I name 90% on what sounds good. Seriously, that is the depth of my skills. (Or lackthereof) It’s shameful. I’m just in awe of the authors who have so much…foreshadowing and tidbits and everything. 0-0 SHERLOCK IS THE MOST COOLEST NAME. But I think Arthur Conan Doyle had serious issues. I mean, he hated his own character?!??! Wut.



      How do they do it. The foreshadowing and how they make everything so deep and the background and these little details which make me want to stare at the ceiling and contemplate my existence.

      He had issues. Seriously.


  7. This just goes to show how much work really does go into writing these books, you know? Every little detail has a purpose, and it’s so mindblowing to realize all the little things and details authors manage to hide in their books. Thanks for sharing and fabulous, eye-opening post! ❤


  8. How did you find out about this because that research is just so good! Yes Please. I LOVE the inheritance cycle, and I do thing Eragon’s name, moriarty, and Voldemort’s were rather clever. I’m not AS convinced by the slightly far fetched Ron story, but it is interesting. This is super cool though.


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