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Why hello there, all the lovely people who commented and I still haven’t replied yet.

Why hello there, all the people who finally got a post after a month.

Why hello there, y’all.


On the village that we all seem to have adopted as one of us; the big vast world more widely known as the Internet happens to host a tiny island. This tiny island, in fact, isn’t exactly what you could call tiny, as it is teeming with hundred of lovely human beans who like to squeak about books and dry the remnants of their tears by telling other human beans of what caused them this considerable pain and anguish. (Spoiler; when we say pain and anguish, we usually mean READ the friggin’ book it is the sun and I am it’s faithful fan thank you).

On that note, I have been tagged by Shanti who blogs at her tiny pocket of the internet and fills it with all kinds of fabulousness. To talk about old and new lovely human beans on their little caves of the internet. And how could I refuse?

And thus comes the entry of a Le Blogging Community Tag;


-Dedicated Bloggers-

I don’t know how these people do it because a) they have the magical ability to be witty and talented and yet manage to put something up almost everyday b) they’re magical unicorns.

I’ll settle for the second option.

Emily @ Loony Literate has the most awesome reviews and discussions and can juggle a blog, highschool, and writing better than I ever could. *showers her with confetti*

Kara @ Diary of a Teen Writer CAN I JUST SAY THE SAME THING BECAUSE JUST…no words. She’s fab. Also I am freakishly excited for her book, so there’s that.

-Book Reviewers and Bloggers-

Sabrina @ Books and Bark I will usually read anything she tells me to, because through some psychic connection I always end up hating the books she hates and loving the ones she does. Read read read her blog, and I promise you won’t regret it.

Kelly @ Diva Booknerd I don’t usually read reviews…but Kelly is an exception. I will read her posts. I will read her reviews.  Heck, I’d read her grocery lists – but let’s not go there.

-Deep and Thoughtful Bloggers-

Jo @ The Bearable Blog I aspire to write the kinds of discussions she does…one day. But for now, I’ll stalk her blog and devour any new posts she has; because hey, they’re gold.

Anna @ Butterflies of the Imagination You have discussions + review blogs, and then you have Anna. Anna can manage to do both along with lifey posts and her posts are downright fab.

-Bloggers with Beautiful Designs-

Aentee @ Read At Midnight I want her designing skills. Badly. IT’S INHUMAN FOR THEM TO BE THIS BEAUTIFUL. ’nuff said, she writes amazing reviews while she’s at it.

YA Midnight Reads These girls know what they’re doing. And yes, they’re design is gorgeous. I love the whole midnight and minimalistic theme and how they pulled it off.

-Enjoyable and Awesome Bloggers-

Miriam @ Miriam Joy Writes I haven’t been stalking her for long, but I wish I had, because WHERE WAS SHE ALL MY LIFE???

Taile @ Twist in the Tail She is writery and bookish and and lifey and enthusiastic and my favourite fellow fangirl. Wait no, I need to repeat that in capitals once again; SHE IS AMAZING. (So is her music taste.) You probably saw her making it onto this list.

-Funny Bloggers-

Shar and Shanti @ Weaving Waves Words They can make snort milk up my nose because I was not prepared for their witty banter and make me squeak and flail. Internally. So the parental units will not be drawn to my questionable activities.

Ella @ Once Upon A Bookish Time Her reviews are the best. Honestly. I’ll usually read her every word, even if I tend to skim other’s reviews sometimes.

-Inspiring Bloggers-

Cait @ Paper Fury In case Cait is wondering why we all are putting her as our inspiring blogger….weeeeell, we have our reasons 😉 She’s achieved her aim of being queen of the blogosphere – the world in not far behind though, I assure you.

Beth @ The Quiet People  The trouble with her is, that she’s a good – no, really good blogger and makes me want to be better at it. And her minimalistic theme is beautiful.

i’m trying to catch up with commenting and stuff – but tell me; your favourite bloggers? (so i can add them to my stalking list) prettiest blogs? all the things!

30 thoughts on “#bloggersunite

  1. OHMYGOD YOU ARE THE CUTEST PERSON EVER NIRVANA! I did not expect to see my little blog on the list, in amongst all of those book blogging Gods (Cait, I’m looking at you!)! I mean, in my head I am NOT a good blogger (there’s waaaaay to much to improve on – like installing the other half of my blog design, maybe…), but you ALWAYS read and comment and that inspires me to keep going and get better. It’s all about team work!
    Beth x


  2. Love, love, love this post. It’s always such a great idea to spread positivity & kindness in the community, and this post does just that. I love all of the bloggers you’ve listed here, and you’re spot on with their descriptions. Thanks for sharing this and, as always, fabulous post! ❤


  3. I love Beth’s blog! It’s so beautiful and she always has good discussions/reviews. I think I like her reviews, because they tell you a lot about the book without so many spoilers. How does she manage it!?

    Cait’s blog! I did this tag. . . I don’t remember when. But I was thinking, “Can’t I just put Cait’s blog under all of these labels?”

    Also, jo is awesome! And I think I put her blog under the same place too. Because it’s true.


    • I knowww. I always envy the bloggers who can talk about books without spoiling the whole premise of the book and still somehow manage to make me want to read it. TELL ME YOUR WAYS :’O
      Same omg. Like uh, it could go under witty and fun and best reviews and inspiring….and just everything.

      Ooh, ditto XD


    • SOSOSO PRETTY >_< I just checked out The Novel Hermit, and ohmy their design is \beautiful\. Ohmygod, I can't believe I don't have Shannon on here, because she is one of my absolute favourites ❤


  4. AWWWW. I AM INSPIRING??!? SQUAWK. I mean, I mostly just call people pineapples and make horrific punny jokes. BUT HEY. I’m so glad you like my posts and afdajkdsl you are an awfully marvellous blogger yourself. JUST SO YOU KNOW. ^_^


  5. Ooh, I’m so happy to see this blog making its rounds because I was one of the first people tagged to do it, and it’s SUCH a meaningful tag. I love basically all the bloggers you mentioned — Aentee’s design IS so glorious, and she has a design shop, and she might start an Etsy. I’m SO EXCITED. And Beth has such a glorious minimalist aesthetic!


    • I lovee this tag. Spreading the love can only be a good thing, and I’m so glad it kicked off :’) She has a design shop?! okay, I’m definitely going to have to check that out sometime. Beth’s is lovely too!


  6. Fuuu, I totally agree with Kelly’s reviews and posts in general… she writes so beautifully, doesn’t she?!?! I’m kind of surprised that she isn’t an actual writer 😉 She needs to write a book, that woman! And Aentee’s designs ARE wonderful and so whimsical!!! 😀 Just so proud of her and her creativity!

    Faye at The Social Potato


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