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What’s that you say? THREE YEARS?

life & blogoversaries

Life has been busy, if you count high school and my currently covered in sticky notes wall.


i am currently working to cover the whole wall in lyrics and fandom stuff. Bonus point if y’all recognize one of these!

But yes, apart from that?

Two days ago was my third blogoversary. Let’s say that again. TWO DAYS AGO WAS MY THIRD BLOGOVERSARY!!!1!!!!1!

Can I squeak yet?

It’s crazy that it’s even been that’s long. I’ll be cliche, but honestly it really does feel like time flew. Sure, I zoned out after like a month of continuous blogging, sometimes I prioritized writing over everything else, sometimes I was too busy flinging books at everyone to read. Sometimes I gave up the blog for a month and chose friends/school over it. Sometimes I shifted from starting out as a craft blog, to a writing blog, back to a book blog to where I am now.

I know people who’ve been blogging for three months,Β with the kind of community that took me three years to get to. But that’s the thing. It stressed me out sometimes. It still does. But I learnt to enjoy it.

I don’t review ARCs. I don’t host giveaways. I don’t go to blog conventions. (partially because I live so far away from anything that is the least. bit. interesting.) I’m more of the kind of blogger who does it because she loves it. Because it’s been so long, and here I am. After all this time? Yeah. Always.**

It’s the kind of thing that’s always been constant in my life so far. Even if I am probably the most volatile and unpredictable person you know.

**Don’t mind me sneaking HP references into everything I write. Don’t mind me at all.

Apart from that, I’ve seemingly become a Halsey fan. if you count stalking her songs for hours, yup, that’s me.

Her lyrics are freaking gorgeous.


And oh god, guys. Do any of you think that Gasoline (listen here) would be a PERFECT backdrop for a Studio Ghibli movie if it wasn’t for the lyrics?! It’s totally Studio Ghibli worthy.


so tell me; favourite lyrics right now? how long have you been blogging? what’s your story for the time you’ve been here?

Β Nirvana x

40 thoughts on “What’s that you say? THREE YEARS?

  1. *showers with confetti* YAY OMG CONGRATULATIONS! I’ve only been following you for like a third of that time, but it has been so awesome. ❀ I AM FEELING SO EMOTIONAL ABOUT THIS ahaha.
    Your post-its are so cool! Join the dark side of obsessional-Halsey-listening. (So agree on the Studio Ghibli movie soundtrack as well.) (GHIBLI SOUNDTRACKS *dies)*)
    I reference fandoms. Always. Even when there's no one to reference to. And then I start referencing, like, Tumblr fandom posts. XD


    • You’ve still been pretty much one of my longest blogging friends, so that amounts to something XD IKR SAME

      Ahhh, thankyou! I added like twenty more directly after snapping the pictures. *whispers darkly* I ain’t stopping until I see no wall and just sticky notes. MUAHAHA. Yass, we can be obsessive over Halsey together, since my friends aren’t very understanding.

      I reference Tumblr posts all the time – it’s partly why I’m so sarcastic 90% of the time heuheu.

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      • *hugs* Aaah yay for bloggish friends!
        Omg, if you take any more photos I’d love to see them! I so need to put some stuff on MY wall now… πŸ™‚
        Sarcasm, always. NO WAY IS SARCASM THE LOWEST FORM OF WIT. *shakes head*


  2. That’s the only reason you should be blogging–because you love it. The stats and the follows don’t matter. It’s about doing what you love and making connections with people. (Wait, so I guess it IS about followers???) Oh well, you know what I mean. Connecting with others matters, not just how good the numbers look.
    And now that I’m off my soapbox…Happy 3rd blogoversary!!!! πŸ˜€


    • I think it’s about the kind of people you make friends with, and the fact that we’ve just all been there for each other, which is beautiful. Not how huge that number may be in like a few month,s no matter how preachy I might sound when I say this XD

      THANKS ❀

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      • That’s so true! It’s all the support you get from fellow bloggers and just being there that counts. That being said…thanks for being one of those who are always there. πŸ™‚ *gives hug*

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  3. Congratulations!! Three years is certainly a wonderful accomplishment! And um, I am embarrassed to admit that I had no idea who Halsey was until like, last week. And for a few days, I thought it was some new ship from The Raven Boys. Literally, NO idea until I asked someone what it (she) was. But in honor of your blogoversary, I shall listen to her!


    • Thankyou so much, Shannon! HAHAHA NOW THAT YOU MENTION IT….it really does sounds like a ship from there. And Halsey. Except, you know I’m so glad you listened to her al;pysdjk. CAN I FLAIL. And I’m glad to spread on the good music!


  4. That’s great Nirvana! I’ve never heard of Halsey or that other band, but my current favourite song is U2’s ‘every breaking wave’, and also I like old Taylor swift songs (my favourite song of hers is ‘sweeter than fiction: Your eyes are wider than distance/this life is sweeter than fiction etc.). Happy blogoversary! I’m barely one, so that really impresses me. Also, can I just say that I totally feel you with the being far away from everything thing. Like I don’t know any book bloggers from here (we’re just over the border fyi. Btw, have you watched Bhajrangi Bhaijan? Because it’s awesome, and about Pakistan-India relationships. Oh gosh, this is a long comment!


    • Oh, I’ll really have to listen to it – partly because my best friend is ALSO obsessed with U2 songs. Oh oh, wait. There’s a new Taylor song? 0.0 WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY LIFE. *scurries* Hahah, thank you, and I look forward to seeing you get there c:

      It’s really hard tbh. The only Pakistani bloggers I actually found didn’t even live here – but it was just their heritage, and not homeplace. It makes me happy that someone else can feel me. Oh, it sounds awesome, I’ll have to check it out sometime around!


  5. Happy (late) blogoversary! Totally what you mean about people achieving in months what I’ve done in years, but at the same time, it doesn’t really matter how long it took to build a community on your blog, does it? Halsey’s lyrics ARE gorgeous, but I’m still debating whether I like the music.

    PS: HP references are the best.

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    • Sometimes it does matter, but then, I never managed to blog everyday or be one of those people who do blogging professionally, and alternating between school and a gazillion other things should probably be an explanation. So I shouldn’t dwell on it.

      The music is…different. I’ll give you that much. But no one can deny the lyrics xD

      P.S I know.


  6. AHHH happy blogoversary! (I almost wrote happy birthday, oh gosh. xD)
    I just had my first blogoversary a couple weeks ago, and I totally agree on the cliche phrase: My how time flies.
    In a way, it also feels like forever. I spend countless amounts of time writing and formatting posts, and trying to figure out what I even WANT to write about. (That’s the hardest part.) But blogging and the community is so worth it. *nods*

    Katie Grace | A Writer’s Faith


    • Whoops. Forgot to even mention my favorite lyrics. My favorite lyrics are anythingggg by Twenty One Pilots because they are the best and their lyrics are sooo relatable (How do you even spell relatable…?) and deep. So much love. ❀


      • Happy birthday to my blog then *pats the screen* ARCK. Thanks!

        I spend more time on my posts than I usually should – mainly because the bookish photography takes time, so does making the graphics, writing the thing, as well as coping with /life/ overall, y’know? So I feel you completely. Oh, and that horrible moment when you’re staring at the blank screen wanting to realize what you wanna write.



      • Oh, I must see what the people are going on about then. xD I have a playlist to listen to on a road trip, so then we’ll see if I’m about to join the 21 Pilots fandom or not.


  7. Wow, three years!!! That’s awesome, congratulations!

    I’ve been blogging for about 2 months now (I think). And I adore the blogging community. Everyone’s all so amazing. And my favourite song lyrics are anything by Owl City, because it’s just all too awesome. (//So there we were, back home from somewhere inside my head//… I just love it!!)


  8. Congrats on your blog’s third birthday!!! (this is a totally late comment, wow Arya) To answer your question about favorite lyrics, anything by Ed Sheeran is really clicking with me as of the moment πŸ™‚ I’ll also definitely give Halsey a listen!


  9. Congratulations Nirvana! Three years is absolutely amazing! You’ve got the perfect attitude to blogging, that it’s a fun hobby that can be picked up and put down whenever the mood strikes you, no doubt it’s kept you fresh and wanting to continue as well. I’ve never heard of Halsey, but I’m.not up to date with a lot of modern music. I’m absolutely loving Downtown by Macklemore at the moment. I love that retro funk. Thanks for sharing poppet and congratulations again on an incredible achievement ❀


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  11. OH. MY. GOSH. DID YOU SAY STUDIO GHIBLI?! Ahh, I adore those films! But anyway, happy 3 years! That is so admirable, I look forward to the day I can celebrate the same. And I love your resolve of not reviewing ARCs. My blog originally started out as a fun hobby and it still is, but I have to admit the ARCs have weighed me down as a reader. I’m not able to go through my TBR pile like I’d like to. I also recently started doing giveaways if the publisher is willing, and I have to say that though I’m grateful, it’s pretty stressful to set it all up. But I’m probably going to take it easy with the frenzy from school… Anyway, thank you for sharing all this and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

    Oh and thank you for your comment about my photography in my post a few weeks ago. It really means a lot since your graphics are so beautiful. I love your sticky note wall!


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