I almost died up in the mountains

I know, I know. I deserve an award for title creativity.*

But as it happens, we went to a trip to Naran Kaghan, which is in the mountains. I actually crawled out of my cave and ventured into the big wide world. #proud. In order for you to be able to recreate the trip, I have made a list. Lists, obviously, because they’re fabulous.

Be up for a picture heavy post because I took way too many.

*kill me now, please.

travelling in the mountains Nirvana-style:

Naran Day 1

  1. Embrace yourself for a car trip. A real long one. Sing way too much Halsey and not enough of it will sound sane enough because you’re high on excitement.
  2. Take pictures of the view outside every five minutes, but have like fifty of them not turn out looking normal because of your too small window and too big Great Outdoors.20150923_172222
  3. Insist to stop outside every five minutes. 20150923_132955
  4. Look out of the window and pretend to be a lost girl in a music video while Ed Sheeran plays in the background.
  5. Eventually start bundling up on the clothes. Actually bundling up. As in, put on a hoodie and an overcoat and gloves and a scarf and a cap and scrunch up your eyes against the cold. 12053160_1655149034722379_485433088_n
  6. (It doesn’t look that cold in the pictures. Oh bugger.)
  7. Have a stop in a hotel room, and proceed to spend it trying to catch frogs the size of my nail. And get free wifi, obviously. I’d riot if the hotel didn’t have internet.
  8. Be back on the move, but have systematic stops consisting of yelling and pushing cows respectively. Tell your sister, that no, she can’t adopt a cow.plilo
  9. Realize that you are on the Silk Road, the very road you’ve been reading about for seven years at school.
  10. Finally reach the place. For the record, it’s a small cluster of puny and insignificant buildings surrounded by six huge-ass mountains. Way to go for making me feel small.

Naran Day 2

  1. Have lunch in a stream. Yes. Not by it. Inside the stream.  Some good soul had built a system of tables and benches inside the water so we could wade our feet while we ate.  
  2. [Nobody waded their feet. Way too cold to do anything but eat. The karahi was heavenly, though.]

    An attempt an hipsterifying myself.

  3. Have a long jeep ride with sickeningly high altitudes. Whisper to yourself hoarsely because the heights are definitely no helping and that you’re going to puke on someone.
  4. Thankfully, manage to make the ride without puking.
  5. Go to a lake Saif-ul-Muluk. Proceed to walk around it. All 8974398 kilometres of it.  (It felt like that much okay. Do you realize what pain it was? I exercised. Also; no, you’re not hallucinating.) 20150925_142559
  6. fffffRide a dern horse, ya cowpoke. [DID YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE? You better.] I tried to look as regal as possible, but I almost got trampled underway at one point. But let’s not go there.
  7. Get high on caffeine. Burn your tongue on coffee each frickin’ time.
  8.  Decide that this entire trip is an excuse to wear a long black overcoat. With the collar up, of course.
  9. Visit twenty million something bridges.

Naran Day 2

  1. Go high up into the mountains enough that it starts snowing. Get your nose a bulbous shade of red and fingers half frostbitten. It’s one road trip that doesn’t end well.
  2. Drink some tea, a true British at heart. [not actually British tho.]
  3. Get half stranded because, yes, the fog really is that bad. My bad. Upon further investigation, I have been told we were walking inside the clouds. 


    Yup. We should *definitely* not have been driving in this.

  4. Come to the enlightening realization that you in fact, are standing on the very place your Geography book is full of stock photos of. [dats rite. da Himalayas!!1!]
  5. Waterfall, ’nuff said. [I would have climbed till the very top, but certain parental units had objections.]
  6. Get told by your parents that they actually want some pictures of your face, till you are forced to oblige.


  7. Dress up your little sister till she looks like an Afghan ready to face the world.
  8. Continue to taking pictures of the most mundane things till you arrive home exhausted. But no, instead of sleeping, spend the rest of the night when your heart is…internet.
  9. [oh come on, you must have seen that coming at one point.]

i took over three hundred pictures, so do you see my struggle here? have y’all ever been to a mountain? where was your last trip? what do you think of the pictures?

12 thoughts on “I almost died up in the mountains

  1. I love your photos!

    Going to the mountains sounds so exciting! I love mountains. They’re beautiful. Although, the altitude. Ugh. I’ve been to higher altitudes and it takes a while to adjust. Especially if you are doing a lot of exercising in the process.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So many good photos girl and it seems like you bad SUCH a good time. Like seriously, I’m dying from all the jealousy. Seriously. Those are some really beautiful sights girl! So you guys only stayed for a couple of days? AND YES, at least the hotel had Internet. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. Aw I LOVE this! Your pictures are fabulous, and the trip sounds amazing! I imagine it was super daunting though, being so high up, and dealing with the elevation- but so fabulous too! I love to take pictures of random things too- you should see all the weird pictures of parking lots and stuff I have taken from vacations 😉 So glad that you got to go on such a lovely trip, and thanks SO much for sharing the pictures with us!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. That was so pretty! My last trip was to Kashmir, but I’m going to the mountains again today, for a school trip. Hopefully there’ll be good helpings of Himalayas and lakes… Where you live is gorgeous, and those are (mostly) some great photos 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I love holiday happy snaps, but your tips are a killer Nirvana. ‘Look out of the window and pretend to be a lost girl in a music video while Ed Sheeran plays in the background’ OMG 😀 😀 I absolutely cracked up laughing. That’s some serious scenery too, I still don’t know why your sister would want to adopt a cow. A calf maybe, but a cow? I absolutely LOVED your post Nirvana, and your attempt an hipsterifying yourself is totally on point 😀 😀 LOVE IT! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh goodness I swear the place looks ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. I’ll be coming to Pakistan in December, we should TOTALLY MEET UP!!! I’ll be staying in Lahore, though. Where is this beautiful city you live in? WE SHOULD GO TO those cool snow mountains. I forget their name. I am a sucky tourist.

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  8. This is so cool! I haven’t had a chance to really get up into the mountains lately, which is sad, but I love the pictures you took! Mountain views are among my favorite things to see, and more than that it’s always just fun to see what you can find in nature and all around you. 😀 Thanks for sharing these!

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  9. These are such beautiful pictures! I laughed so hard at this post, Ironically, my last trip was to the Rocky mountains, but they weren’t nearly that cold. We really didn’t have to bundle up that much. However, I did face the whole not-throwing up struggle… Had never been that high in altitude before!


    • The Rocky’s must have been gorgeous. We were in the Great Himalayas – bundling up was inevitable, I mean any range that hosts the freaking Everest calls for a li’l bit of frost XD SAAAME. I felt so nauseous at first.

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