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When the internet gets carried away


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Spending a lot of time on the internet, it’s not a surprise that you come across this;

…most of the time. You alternate between pictures like those, and this:

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Oh joy!1!!!

And yes. I can feel this on so many many levels. Avoid all big gatherings! Hate meeting new people! Run 28393 miles an hour my mom hands me a phone to talk to a distant cousin!

It’s relatable, and it works. It’s served its purpose. There are quadrillion memes out there, making you feel that you aren’t alone when you spend the entire day on the internet without social interaction. For some it’s a coping mechanism, and they’re jokes and perceived as such, but when you’ve been on the internet long enough, the important questions arise. (No, they’re not contemplative musings over the purpose of our existence.  A little more mundane, but just as important.)

Is there a thing as…too much?

I’m not denying that there are people out there with actual social anxiety, people who actually suffer from depression. The internet makes you feel less alone, and Tumblr has, to an extent provided an outlet for them to be able to find like-minded people (or aliens. I prefer not to be an inter-species racist. Shh.) But at the same time, what I’m trying to say is, that it’s gotten too much.

We’re starting to glorify things like avoiding people, social anxiety, and hating fellow humans. Yes. They exist. But spreading them to the extent when you’re glorifying them is not okay. It’s not cool. Depression is not cool. Hating people is not cool. And usually not having friends results from these in the first place, which only worsens the situation.

Another post I’ve been seeing going around is “not letting your grades define you”. And I’m all up for it. But when we’re talking about not letting our grades define us, we don’t mean riot by throwing away all prospects of revision and looking forward to a life working as a McDonald’s cashier. Or making paper cranes out of your exam syllabus.

We’re talking about giving it your best shot. Giving it all you have, but in the end if your result isn’t satisfactory, remembering that it’s not your grades that define you. It’s you who defines you. Sitting on the internet and joining the “im 2 kewl 4 sk00l” club, and trying your best is a very different thing. Something that needs to be cleared up.

There is a list of things that we need to stop glorifying on the internet, and school and anxiety falls into them.

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what internet memes bother you? what things do you think we need to stop glorifying? do you agree? let’s talk.




19 thoughts on “When the internet gets carried away

  1. Hmm, I sort of see those memes/discussions/jokes on tumblr etc as a coping mechanism. They’re made by mentally ill people for other mentally ill people. But I guess they can be seen by a much wider audience than originally intended and also interpreted the wrong way. 🙂
    Whenever I see things like that, I just remember that at the end of the day, everyone has to live in the same world we do, and it’s literally impossible to function without getting into social situations and communicating etc etc, so even if anxiety is perceived as glorified then it doesn’t really make a difference in the big picture. But I just think the intention of these memes/posts isn’t to glorify, just for people to complain/joke about that stuff with other mentally ill people. 🙂


    • Hm, you’re bringing up a valid point here. I understand that you’re talking about intended audiences, but I feel like when everyone starts making them, we’re kind of undermining the illness, by normalizing it for everyone and telling them that it’s a part of life and any other is “weird” or “not cool”. Social media has that kind of impact on people. Otherwise, I get what you’re trying to say, and I’m okay with that. Thanks for stopping by ❤


  2. “But when we’re talking about not letting our grades define us, we don’t mean riot by throwing away all prospects of revision and looking forward to a life working as a McDonald’s cashier.” YES. YES YES YES. I see these constantly, and all I can do is be like, “Okay. So MAYBE school can be flawed and have stupid views but at the same time, you need it.” Also, yes on everything else in this post because it is so so so true.


    • You brought up such a great point, Evi. School is flawed. The testing system is flawed. Yes, it’s true, but for the moment we can’t change it, and if we don’t deal with it, eventually it’s going to be us that it comes to bite us back with.

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      • I think how much they pressure us in places like middle school is a bit much (grades 6-8) because really, yes, it’s important that we know this, but will it ever stay with our records? no. AND STANDARDIZED TESTING OMG. My school had to take a new test that DOESN’T MATTER AT ALL. You don’t get it back until midway through the next school year. So really, it seems like testing just grades the teachers now instead of the kids. (Except for things like the ACT and SAT in the US ’cause those actually do matter with college.)


      • Our testing system is basically moot until you reach the O levels and give the CIE’s. THOSE are the only grades that will ever matter up till this moment and decide where you will stand in life (no pressure *laughs awkwardly*).

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  3. YES THANK YOU for pointing this out! Especially the school thing — that bothers me so much! Also, I hate it when people joke about mental disorders like OCD and bipolar disorder; they should NOT be taken lightly.


  4. I completely agree! I get really bad panic attacks and although it’s better now, there was a time I could barely leave my house because I would get panic attacks constantly. I then started seeing posts on Tumblr about social anxiety and all that and I was like “OH YAY I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE” but then I started realising that a a lot of people would say these kinds of things about not socialising and hating people but then they’d post on Instagram that they’ve been at parties and all this stuff, and it’s like it’s become to “cool” to say you’re socially awkward and have anxiety around people when it’s not like that at all and these people don’t actually have that, but they just say they do in order to be like the people on Tumblr.

    ANOTHER THING with the whole “I hate people” is that everybody says that now (also because it was first seen on Tumblr) and like you said, it’s become glorified to “hate people” and be “socially awkward” a whole lot of other things when it really isn’t quite like how they make it out to be. Sorry for the long comment and fantastic post! 🙂


    • Aw, Kyra, I’m sending so much love your way right now ❤ I'm proud of you for getting over them. I think it's more the fact that it's become a THING now. Like, having a sense of cleanliness is now the same thing as saying "I'm so OCD" Meeting one symptom is one thing, boasting about it like it's a thing that's "fashionable" is another.


  5. THIS IS SUCH A GREAT POST. I agree with all the things you said — I mean, it is cool to see relatable posts. But once it gets to the point where you’re romanticising mental illness and social anxiety… It’s not fine anymore. And I think there’s a difference between normalising mental illness and claiming that you’re depressed because you experienced one symptom once.
    I do complain a lot about the school system, but I feel bit like a hypocrite because I am good at exams. But people take that to mean I’m super smart, and I’m really not — I mean, I’d probably be terrible at a job or any real life circumstance. Exams are so nerve-wracking, and especially when like your entire future depends on an hour and a half. :/ I know so many people who just hate exams. It’s not because they don’t know the stuff.
    Okaaay basically: this is a really important post!


    • “There’s a difference between normalising mental illness and claiming you’re depressed because you experienced one symptom once.”. YASS GIRL PREACH.

      I kind of feel the exact same way. My grades are good, and a lot of people see this as a way for me being a whiny brat when I complain about the education system. But just because a few people excel at it, doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a call for change. It’s just that this call for change doesn’t mean throwing away caring about your grades entirely as a rebellion. That’s not how it’s done, and in the end the consequences hurt. Thanks, Evi :))

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  6. Hmm, very interesting point, and something I wouldn’t have thought about. As someone with social anxiety, I definitely think there’s an important balance. On the one hand, it’s good to know that there are hundreds of people out there who feel the same way I do. But on the other hand, it is true that we can form an “antisocial club” without realizing it, and use that as somewhat of an excuse not to reach out and be friendlier with people. I do think it’s important to recognize that, for people like me, yes, it is very difficult to be out in social places sometimes, and we shouldn’t always force ourselves to be in a position that just isn’t very good for us, but you’re right, we definitely shouldn’t swing the other way and let the anxiety win. Great discussion topic–thanks for sharing!


    • You’re telling me that I brought up new points, but you mentioned things in your comment that hadn’t even crossed my mind. You’re right – it’s okay to find others who can relate, but it’s not okay, when we use our club as an excuse to tell ourselves NOT to try, because we tell ourselves that ‘hey, it’s okay.’ Moderation is the key. And thankyou for stopping by, Liz!


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