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Emotional trainwreck movies feat. smol bean Nirvana

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As a throwback to tiny me, who managed to lug almost forty books from the library every week (not even kidding, I made full use of my mom and sister’s accounts) some things remain with me to this very day. As in; I still watch and read them.

If I watched these for the first time right now, I’d probably have a very different opinion of them. But these movies aren’t just movies, they’re my childhood. There’s something beautiful about the way your seven year old mind contorts the reality into something more special than it really is. But despite all of that, there are a few things I will tire of because they’re eternal and deserve recognition for life. So here’s six things that I am still in love with.*

*By things, I mean movies. Otherwise this post would be too long to be healthy.

○ Bridge To Terebithia. 


Alas, I still sob, for I am but a young summer child.

Usually if people were to ask me my all time favourite movie, and I were to reply with “I don’t have a single all time favourite” …I would be lying. Because Bridge to Terebithia is it. I’m a terrible person for still not having read the book. I tried. I did. But I think the movie is much better than the book (don’t gasp.)

No matter how many times I watch it, I will be reduced to a sniveling heap on the floor and wailing. Bridge to Terebithia? Naw. More like bridge to tearing my soul out???  Not my sister though. She lacks a heart. She’ll sit throughout the whole thing with a vacant expression and then mutter something about how weird I am. Guess all the crying genes went to me.

It breaks my heart that there aren’t any good fanfics of Bridge to Terebithia. My ship is still not canon, and it is one of my life’s greatest pains. Maybe I should write my own, and end the lack of Terebithia fanfics? Because the pain of the movie was not enough. I need more angsty Jess in my life. (perks: smol Josh Hutcherson).

It’s friendship. And pain. And lots of art and running into the woods and treehouses and imagination and Jess’s relationship with his sister is given so much depth and…it’s beautiful. That’s the word for it.

It should be noted that the songs in this movie are my childhood in like half an hour? So many memories.

 ○ Mulan

The reason why I decided to practice fencing with a golf stick* and carry a Chinese fan wherever I went when I was a child.** Even if they cast a white role for Mulan, it’s still got lots of badassery, diversity, and feminism. I mean, running away and dressing up as a man to join the army will never get old. Saving China when your family expects you to sit at home and pour tea for a suitor never gets old.

And yes, at certain events in the second part which will not be named, I still cry. Most of the time it’s not even voluntary. It’s like watching the screen and the suddenly noticing that your face is damp.

If you haven’t watched Mulan, dishonor on you. DISHONOR ON YOUR FAMILY. dishonour on your cow, d i s h o n o r.

*It did not end well. You might as well take my word for it.
**Saying “when I was a child” makes me feel so old. So does the past tense, but god, this post is a trainwreck of memories.

○ Spirited Away


I watched this movie when I was probably too young for it, and admittedly had actual nightmares after watching it. (Even if it began my obsession with Studio Ghibli) I feel like watching a poor girl’s parents get turned into boars was too much for me. Overall, way too much weirdness for me, and I couldn’t find the name of the movie after I watched it, but it haunted my nine-year-old souls for years until I found its name again. The only thing that stuck was tiny black poofballs…uh, they were cute. And thus began my current unhealthy infatuation with Studio Ghibli.



(I’m sorry…too much enthusiasm? Is that a thing?)

○ Matilda

It’s an instant cutesy movie, and I’m probably too old for it now, but shh, for old time’s sake. Matilda is honestly every reader’s icon as a kid, who wouldn’t love dragging home like sixty books on a wheelbarrow and then sitting on a couch reading for the rest of the day? And Miss Honey is an angel. She makes me want to jump up and hug her and never let go. I guess this one doesn’t really count as emotional, but how giddy I am by the end of it kind of makes up for it.

This song never fails to make me hungry and ridiculously happy. All hail the power of the glorious pancakes!

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what are some of your favourite childhood movies? what movie makes you want to curl up into a ball and cry?



25 thoughts on “Emotional trainwreck movies feat. smol bean Nirvana

  1. AHH YESSS MATILDA. For a couple of years that was my favorite movie ever and whenever my sister was like “what should we watch on netflix” I’d just be like “MATILDA”. I still love that movie, tbh. ❤ I remember reading Bridge to Terebithia, but I still have yet to see the movie. That and Spirited Away. I want to see that one sooo bad.


  2. Bridge to Terabithia! *sobs* I loved both the book and the movie! And I haven’t actually seen Spirited Away (I know, shame on me), but I’ve seen Totoro and Ponyo. Basically, anything by Studio Ghibli = automatic awesomeness. And YAAAAAS MULAN! Although if a non-Asian is cast for the role of Mulan the live-action film (or pretty much anyone else because, um, this film is set in CHINA), the badassery level will automatically plummet from 100% to 0%.


    • Totoro was sO KAYOOT. Ooh, you should go watch Arriety by Studio Ghibli, their soundtracks and graphics in that one are GORGEOUS. OOH I’M SO HAPPY. Hey there, fellow Studio Ghibli fan *high fives* I haven’t seen Ponyo though. And I know right, I mean, she’s friggin’ Chinese. Therefore it calls for a Chinese actor. Not that hard. Why must people do this?!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I have watched all of these movies! Except Bridge to Terabithia. And I agree about everything for Spirited Away. When I watched it, I had NO IDEA what was going on, but I still wanted to know. I know it used to be shown on Cartoon Network, I don’t know if it still is now.

    For me, my favorite childhood movie was A Little Princess. It made/makes me bawl every time.


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