why 2015 didn’t suck

So this year is officially over. Thinking back, the tense is wrong, and it’s not this year anymore. But no, I’m not ready for twenty fifteen to be something of the past, I had barely gotten used to writing 2015 on the page.

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  • So the last year was great, and I’ve changed so much – I honestly can’t remember what I was like in the years before this, but I feel like I grew quieter this year. A lot quieter. And although I can’t say for sure that I’m now happy for who I am, I’ve gotten better, and that’s better than nothing.
  • I also attempted the Goodreads Reading Challenge – and no, I can’t say I failed. I mean, even though half the year was a perpetual slump, the other half was extremely productive. Unfortunately, I happen to be terrible at keeping up with Goodreads. Which means I gave up on trying to update my book count after the first three months.
  • Music-wise, this year was amazing – I discovered SO many new songs, and I can’t imagine what I listened to before this year (Uh, thinking back, in 2014 I was a Swiftie. A MASSIVE Swifite. I don’t think I listened to anything but Taylor Swift in “14. I might be slightly exaggerating though) Halsey, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Melanie Martinez. And they’re such a big part of my life now.
  • So I got my WordPress report. And 33,000 views is amazing, and I’m proud that this blog got that far. Looking at the search terms that got them to my blog, I need to post more often about icecream sticks. Lots and lots of ice cream sticks. Because it turns out that this post was the most popular. Um how??? wHY?
  • I’M ALSO A RAINBOW ROWELL FAN NOW – I have all of her books now (!!!!), and I think we can all agree that my shelf is a lot more shinier with her books on them. And yas, Carry On definitely made my year.
  • This year was Supernatural year *nods* – that, and Pretty Little Liars. And Elementary. And Once Upon a Time. And Legend of Korra. And Deathnote….uh…yeah. I think this year last year was great TV shows wise. I got a lot done. Hopefully I can also turn Whovian now? I found the graphics off putting though, so I can’t really get myself into the show.
  • As for shiny brand new skills? No, I didn’t turn into a programming whizz like my sister suddenly has (why does she always have to defy expectations? She’s TEN ffs.) I learnt guitar. I learnt how to Photoshop things and make them pretty. I learnt that school is not my entire life. I learnt that everyone will leave, so there’s no point in investing your hopes too highly in one place. Not a bad haul. Huzzah!
  • omg start of the year me was a d o r a b l e. That’s probably what I’m going to say about now-me at the end of 2016 as well, though. Looking back at my goals, I didn’t suck too badly at fulfilling them though.
  • One things remained the same, though. I changed a lot. I can’t call myself a full time reader anymore, but I have more variety in my day. I’m more introverted, but I’m best friends with the people I want to be best friends with. I actually…like chick flicks (I would be so horrified). I write contemporary, not fantasy. But one thing remains the same; once a fangirl, always a fangirl.
  • I had the most fun writing up why fairy tales are horror movies – because gore and snark, why not?
  • I realized I love blogging more than I know. There were three month hiatuses, I sucked at coming up with a schedule, but for some reason, I always returned to this blog. I LOVE YOU ALL, OKAY?? A LOT.

how was your year?? best books you read this year? 

- nirvana


20 thoughts on “why 2015 didn’t suck

    • Huzzah, at least we tried though, right? THAT COUNTS. omgg, you love Melanie too? Crybaby; all of it is FANTASTIC. Yay for mutual music tastes though :’) And to you!


  1. HALSEY IS SO GREAT. I seriously cannot even when it comes to her songs. Ice cream sticks are life. Actually, ice cream is life, but same difference really. I definitely missed your posts when you were on hiatus, and I very much look forward to more in 2016! 😀 Happy New Year!


    • Halsey’s lyrics are freaking goals. If I want to write, I want to write like her. People are so weird when it comes to ice-cream sticks…the search term stats were very disturbingly obsessed. And thanks, Alyssa ❤


  2. It’s so strange how you can change so much in a year – I know I definitely have (although I’ve become more extroverted, interestingly enough…weird). And yay for music! My tastes generally involve Disney songs, so thank God I’ve branched out a bit now.


    • Hopefully *this* will be the year I go out and talk to people. AND SOCIALIZE. And make friends while debating *nods* Disney songs are eternal thoughh, no matter what the time and occasion may be.


  3. I feel like I read a lot less than last year, too… (Last last year? Idk.) ALTHOUGH YES YAY RAINBOW ROWELL. Watching all my bloggy friends read Carry On and be consumed is way too satisfying hehe. I’d love to learn how to Photoshop things properly — all your graphics are always so lovely. ❤ Happy new year!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m halfway through Carry On and I kind of see what the fuss is about. OMG THE CUTENESS. (alas, here I am but yet another bloggy friend you shall watch getting consumed). I love to, too, because so far my header is my biggest accomplishment, which is kind of sad. But that’s still very sweet of you ❤ And (belated) Happy New Year to you, too!

      Liked by 1 person

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