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The Abominable Bride || I am glad you liked my potato


So we got to see this trailer three months ago. I distinctly remember a mixture of fangirling and screaming. BUT IT’S HERE. And thus it calls for a review of the episode, even if there a was two years of waiting for a freaking special, which I’m still pissed off about. But nonetheless, being a huge Sherlock fan, this post call for gifs and fangirling and lists!!1! I have a copious amount of thoughts on this, so bear with me.

(also apparently it was Sherlock Holmes’ 162nd birthday two days ago *throws confetti* )

so…was Sherlock was worth it after that slightly long unacceptable wait??

  • I liked the episode. A lot. I mean, can I even get started on how pleasing all the special effects were and the fact that the graphics were amazing?? I’m glad it was a relatively high budget episode. the hole in the back of Moriarty’s head and the mind palace and the skeleton coming to life and and…basically everything, okay? LOOK AT HOW GORGEOUS THE ENTIRE EPISODE WAS??
  • It was based off the The Study of the Musgrave Ritual (rather loosely, honestly, but the plotline was twisted and engrossing and fabulous) and The Five Orange Pips. CAN I SHRIEK? I’ve read the actual version of the story, and exploited this opportunity to remind my sister that I had every five minute. #siblinggoals 11756655_1635615900009026_1776018883_n
  • It was set in the eighteenth century. In Sherlock’s mind palace. *throws away sanity and screams* I can’t think that anything gets more interesting than that. He solves an existing mystery that took place almost a hundred and fifty years ago in his head. Sherlock was a tad bit less of an asshole to John, but I loved how they played off so many parallels to the original series. I'm your.png
  • So after reading metas of this episode for almost two hours now, I have a rather different perspective. THIS EPISODE WASN’T ABOUT THE MYSTERY. It was there, yes. But the subtext. We learnt that it was too painful for Sherlock to say goodbye to John, so instead he drugged himself to do it. He took enough pills to kill him – and I quote “The Tarmac will kill you, Sherlock” – AND that in his mind, these would be his last moments. And what makes me want to cry is that he spent what he thought would be the last moments of his life, off on a mission that would surely kill him anyway, he freaking read John’s blog. The first time they met. He wanted to die with his mind reminiscence happy memories about John. JOHNLOCK. This tumblr post b l e w my mind. *shoos you to go read it*


    He truly thinks he isn’t worth anything. In his mind palace, its Mycroft who’s the smart one. His version of himself and John’s version of him is what’s the heartbreaking part.

  • Most of the ninety minutes of the episode revolved around Moriarty – how he might have survived, the main themes, almsot everything. NOT THAT I MIND. My evil precious cinnamon roll :’) Sheriarty was…interesting in this episode. By interesting, I mean he was the same amount of random and creepy and flirty, but still quite the adorable psychopath. He told Sherlock that dust is composed of primarily human skin, right before he goes and licks the dust in Sherlock’s room. Huh. He also comes close enough to swallowing a revolver. There was lots of Moriarty licking things in the special.
  • Oh, and can we talk about Molly dressing up as a men in this episode?? (internal screaming) Genderfluid Molly Hooper was possibly the best thing in this episode. There were sufragettes and plots and secret societies and lots of amazingness. I love how the mystery played out in the end.
  • We found out that Sherlock was hurt at John’s moving out, and that he truly, actually believes that John will always be there for him. The end proved that much.   quenching.png
  • SO. It’s also hinted at heavily that Moriarty has a twin, possibly the twin that will carry out his life’s work even after he’s dead. And the twin might be…Mary? Can I just…ask for season four already…? So I can sleep in peace? THIS ISN’T FAIR.
  • We also learnt that Sherlock’s a big drama queen. But John already knew that.
  • I ALSO WANTED TO HUG HIM. Especially after he called Moriarty short-ass. His expression was phenomenal.
  • Also that he’s really good at jumping off things. LOOK AT HIM? He’s a natural.tumblr_o0h6wo3GMg1r2q41po1_540
  • “Why don’t you two just elope already??” -Actual James Moriarty to John and Sherlock.
  • “I am glad you liked my potato!” – Actual John Watson referring to Sherlock.
  • We also learnt that Andrew Scott is possibly PERFECT for Moriarty. I mean, I didn’t have doubts before but now it’s juST OHMYGOD LOOK AT HIM ACT.
  • “This gentleman is my husband.” – Actual Sherlock Holmes in the Diogenes Club referring to John. The hidden innuendo gave me life.
  • In the end, I was just like “ohmYGOD. THIS IS NOT DOCTOR WHO WHAT ARE YOU DOING.” That’s the general gist of the episode though.
  • So all in all, even though it had a few flaws, this episode was fantastic and now I need more.

annnnnd we’re back to this gif again. Alas, life is cruel.

do you watch Sherlock? your thoughts on the special??? have you watched the Abominable Bride yet? if not, are you scared or excited?



32 thoughts on “The Abominable Bride || I am glad you liked my potato

  1. Omg, you made me want to watch the movie EVEN MORE (didn’t think it was possible XD) I thought it was just a separate story without any connection to the TV series except for the actors, since it takes place in old England. But arg. This is so much better. The Musgrave Ritual is one of my favourite case! Code breaking! Hidden treasure! Old mansion! And Molly crossdressing!!!
    Also it didn’t hurt that I share the same birthday as Sherlock. *cues screaming* (January 6th, is it? 😉 )


    • It’s a liiittle historically innacurate, but overall, I love how much it develops the characters. WATCH IT *shoves it at you* And I loved that case so much as well, gahh. Except I love how Sherlock makes the original cases even MORE twisted.


  2. I loved it so much, I don’t even think I am able to get my thoughts together on it yet. My favorite thing, was how Mycroft was treating Sherlock through the whole overdose thing. It was nice to see that vulnerable side of him, I also enjoyed him fat 😀
    It was so good, a work of art really. Was great to have Moriarty back, and I loved all the homage that was payed to the books. The Victorian style made my year. Anyway, I’m rambling. I think I will have to do some fanart or something…


    • I love how Mycroft was always portrayed to be the indifferent brother, but secretly he cares SOSOSO much about Sherlock, and it’s the cutest thing ever tbh. And omg, I’d love to see your fanart – maybe you could put it up on your blog? *nudges* ❤


  3. Hahaha, I definitely went all “wibbly wobbly timey wimey” when I was watching the episode. I seriously need to watch it again, because the first time was all mindfuckery. MORIARTY THOUGH. He’s my favourite character and I love him so much and he was amazing.

    I love that this was basically an episode for the fans. So many nods to the modern series, to the books, to the fans. You can go all “I understand this reference”.

    You left out one very important thing though. FAT MYCROFT.


    • I know right, though I think I’ll save all my rewatchings after reading the metas, and preparing myself for the long way to go till 2016. Moriarty is an adorable little sociopath. ALL THE VILLAIN LOVE THERE.

      I know right?! It makes me excited for the future specials to come (if there are going to be any).

      FAT MYCROFT…how could I forget?


  4. Noo, I’m guessing my email didn’t get through! But this was a fabulous review anyway.

    Okay. *takes deep breath* I mean, I know not everyone like this episode, but I REALLY DID. It started off with a good ol’ mystery and then escalated way too quickly. Just. I mean, I don’t really mind that it kind of didn’t make sense and was inside Sherlock’s mind palace? it isn’t just about plot anymore for me. MY SMALL TELEVISED CHILDREN. And I was actually pretty scared. Except for some of the weird transitions, the directing was lovely as per usual!

    But on the other hand: I have such a love/hate relationship with this show. *shows( I love it in itself, but I hate that it can be so offensive — in general the queerbaiting and subtext of Johnlock that will probably never be canon, the lack of decent female characters & their interactions, the fact that asexuality is implied to be…like, psychopathic? And in this episode the whole fat Mycroft storyline. And the historically inaccurate suffragettes in KKK costumes. *sighs* I just. Moffat. Ugh.

    All in all, I WAS SO TORN BY THIS. But I’m still distraught to be waiting like another year for the next episode. XD

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    • So you DID get the message? ;-; Oh no, my email must have eaten it up. Oh well, there’s a lot of more shows we watch that are coming up, lie Shadowhunters. Maybe we could do that, if you’re planning on watching it?

      In the first watching, I get what you’re tyring to say. Like whaaat. The time shifts had me so confused at first – especially the last armchair scene, where they’re still in their Victorina get up, but it’s modern London outside. I suppose that was just a special effect though.

      Now that I think about it, all that queerbaiting is UNFAIR. I know it was supposed to be a nod at the fans and such, but it’s so unfair, since Johnlock will probably never end up being canon. Like WHY. Another thing that bothers me is the “fatphobia” portrayed across the series. Remember that woman who thought that her husband was cheating on her? And how rude Sherlock had been to her in terms of her appearance? And the train guy, where Sherlock was surprised af at the fact he had a girlfriend. And his disdain at fat Mycroft. Ugh. (I was so confused at the KKK costumes on the first watching, I had no idea they were suffragettes at first. Like what even…?)

      A year. *sighs* Annnd there we go with the waiting game. Again XD (this turned out to be longer than I expected, sorry)

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      • Oh no worries! Yeah, if I can find Shadowhunters I’m planning to watch it. (I think it might be coming out on Netflix. But I don’t actually know… I NEED TO RESEARCH.) But yeah, that would be great! 🙂

        OMG I DIDN’T NOTICE THAT. *headdesk* I literally have no idea what anything means at this point haha.

        I just…I wish SO HARD that it will be, but my brain is saying nope. *sighs* And yeah, all of that was just…ugh. I also just don’t understand those costumes! It would have honestly just been so easy to, like, not have them. And I was so loving the suffragette Mary thing.


      • The first episode came out yesterday, I’ll be watching sometime next week, and yayy, we can work on something then :))

        Ooh, and suffragette Molly, and future feminist Molly was also great!

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  5. I LOVED THIS EPISODE SOOOOOO MUCH. Other than I agree with Eve on all the stuff she said in the penultimate paragraph in her comment above mine.
    My favorite thing about it was that it was a mystery- but it wasn’t? It was Sherlock working through everything- even how he treated that one girl he fake proposed to?- and I JUST THOUGHT IT WAS SO COOL.
    However, like Eve said, there was a bunch of stuff that I didn’t notice as much but really weren’t great- ALL THE QUEERBAITING AS OF EVER, mostly. That just bugs me soo much.
    BUT I LOVED THE PLOT AS WELL. Like, the creepy bride and the singing and everything. My personal opinion is that the whole thing with the suffragettes and how the bride only appeared to buttheads of men was also Sherlock kind of realizing that he’s also been a bit of a butthead to women. ANYHOW. Your thoughts were lovely and also amazing graphics!!!


    • I KNOW RIIGHT?! Eve brought up some great point, ones that I failed to mention, but in any case, I loved how twisted this episode was. Even if it was confusing at first.

      I loved how everyone in the original series was brought back, but in slightly different roles. IT MADE ME SO HAPPY. Seeing where they would be during that time :’) It’s almost like a fanfiction, in that respect. Moffat and Gatiss need to pull themselves together, and decide that the queerbaiting in ENOUGH. It’s time for representation on the BBC.

      UGH THE PLOT. my heart. “was also Sherlock kind of realizing that he’s also been a bit of a butthead to women.” omg, you made me laugh, but that’s so true. Let him understand the consequence of his actions!!1!

      YAY THANKYOU EVE – UH, EVI ❤ (I keep on getting your and Eve's names mixed up. Gah. I'm pretty sure I commented with the wrong name once or twice…? *cringe* But both of you are lovely people.)

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      • Yes! It was very twisted but still amazing.
        THAT WAS SO COOL. Even the physical characteristic differences were awesome- Lestrade??? had??? sideburns??? (That was weird. No offense, but. Weird.) THEY DOOOOO. Moffatt sort of (only sort of, not really) manages it with Doctor Who (Madame Vastra! Jenny! Clara who was flirting with literally everybody! Jack!) so I don’t know what his deal is with Sherlock.
        It really is- he was awful to Jeanine or whatever her name was. SHERLOCK WHY.
        NO PROBLEM ❤


      • The sideburns did not suit him AT ALL. He looked like a forlorn mouse in those, my poor thing. (I’ve only watched a few random episodes of DW, because I couldn’t really get into the first season, the effects really put me off)

        For a moment I thought he ACTUALLY proposed to her, but eh, at least she got her revenge(;

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      • HE DID. He looked very mousey and scared in those…not cool chopped haircut-thing Lestrade.
        THE FIRST SEASON’S EFFECTS ARE SOOO BAD. Nothing like Classic Who, of course, but if you can get past the first season (it’s got the Ninth Doctor who is amazing) it’s still great.
        Yeah…still, Sherlock. 😛


      • I skipped to season three, I’m on Blink right now. THE ANGELS ARE FREAKY. Supernatural stuff, I’m telling you, but yeah, I noticed the effects are much better XD Please tell me the weeping angels are a recurring theme, because I think that episode was my fave so far heuheu.

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  6. I wasn’t sure if I was going to watch this. I’m a huge fan of Sherlock but it just looked entirely different to the show I know and love. But your post has convinced me! I can’t wait to find this somewhere online c: lovely and intriguing post!


    • It’s a different setting, but it’s set in his mind palace, so it alternates between reality and the fictitious events of his mind – it’s really interesting, I think you’ll like it. Aw, thanks, Kynndra! C’:


  7. I only just started watching Sherlock a few days ago (I’ve been a Cumbercookie for a while though) and I can’t wait to see the latest episode when I’m caught up (not that there’s many episodes out, sigh)! 😀 So happy you enjoyed this so much, Nirvana! 😀


    • YAY FOR CUMBERCOOKIES. Out of all the roles he’s been in, I honestly think that Sherlock was somehow *made* for him he pulls it off perfectly. I hope we have more episodes in the coming years because I’m not very happy with this ;-; And, aw, thanks Summer!

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  8. OMG I WASN’T GOING TO WATCH THIS bECAUSE REASONS BUT NOW I AM BECAUSE: YOUR REVIEW. I looooved how you write this. Consider me convinced. Omg. I didn’t realise it took place in HIS HEAD. EEEEEEP. That makes so much sense! So yes. Wow. I want it. They are such good actors…although I don’t really think they should go so long between episodes. Gah. I just…i think it’s annoying and puts me off entirely?!? 😛 I’m clearly not a very good fan. XDXD


    • YOU’RE WATCHING IT OHMYGOD MY LIFE ISN’T ENTIRELY A WASTE THEN XD The wait almost put me off watching this episode entirely, I was almost about to go “screw it” and watch the entire series once and for all ten years later…b-but the reviews I saw. My self control isn’t very good lol xD


    • WATCH IT *dumps you in fandom* You won’t regret it – there are only ten episodes so far, so it isn’t too hard either. It’s twisted and heart-wrenching and funny. It has its flaws (but doesn’t everything), but I think you’ll enjoy it 🙂

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