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fortunate happenstances, tea & other things


the happnienness tag.pngappiness shouldn’t be something so fragile – something that can be dampened in an instance. I don’t want it to be, and maybe that’s what I’ll work on this year. Not trying to keep up with exceptional grades, or tournaments and expectations. Those are a priority, yes, but not to the extent where it takes over my life. I want to look for the moments, the good ones between the bad – because no matter how I tell myself that the problems will end, they won’t. And it’s the little fortunate happenings, that count. [Side note: I can’t believe I just quoted Once Upon a Time. Or maybe I can. ]

I stole this tag from Evi at Twist in the Taile , because I loved this idea. Thinking about the little moments made me more happy than I’d like to admit.

These are a few things that make me happy. I don’t know why, most of the time they’re random, spontaneous moments. But they are the ones that matter.

s o n g s: somewhere in neverland, all time low // young volcanoes, fall out boy // carry on my wayward son, kansas //  i write sins not tragedies, panic! at the disco // falling slowly, glen hansard & marketa iglova // mirrors, justin timberlake// can’t help falling in love, twenty one pilots // drive, halsey

b o o k s: aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe – because it is one of the few books that i reread. often. and nothing beats the uncharacteristic happiness that follows afterwards.

reading lemony snicket and falling in love with the series all over again. the sisters grimm, because it’ll make me laugh when nothing else can. eleanor and park. or anything rainbow rowell. harry potter, so i can look at the creases in the spine and the tea stains and all the memories, and smile. even enid blyton, for the sake of england and dimly lit staircases.

f i l m s: my neighbor totoro. the bridge to terebithia. mulan. the last airbender. ten things i hate about you.

w o r d s: chiaroscuro. when the light and the dark contrast and meld in perfectly. for when the darkness is only a plot device; something you need to complete your painting. // bumbling. awkward blunders; for the times you laugh till your sides hurt with your friends. for when you’re with someone you love, and none of them matter anymore. // serendipity. finding pleasant things. fortunate happenstances. // syrupy. for pancakes on Sunday morning. for dallops of honey melting in your mouth. for honey lemons. // balter // phosphenes. for when you close your eyes, and the colours and stars paint constellations. for the light when it doesn’t exist.

s c e n t s: the smell of rich earth after it rains. tea. my mother’s perfume. chicken karahi. the jasmine bush in the home i was born into. acrylic paints. new books. freshly laundered clothes.

m i s c e l l a n y: comfortable silences. drowsy sunlight. spontaneous hugs. getting spammed with messages. three hour phone calls. making fun of indian dramas with my mom. happy coincidences. twinning moments. spending all night talking to someone. nice comments.

tell me a song that makes you happy every time you listen to it. or random things that make you happy – whether it’s a word, or a memory.

- nirvana


32 thoughts on “fortunate happenstances, tea & other things

  1. INDIAN DRAMAS ARE GREAT OKAY! (I mean, I don’t watch a lot of bollywood, but just. leave all your previous conceptions of film behind and enjoy the random dane scenes with random white people. (Bollywood is actually a different film form. I studied this.)) ANYWAY. This tag is so cute! My Harry Potter books are falling apart, although my heart has lost all it’s fondness for Enid Blyton(even though I grew up on her). ‘Every Breaking Wave’ by U2 always makes me happy. Elanor and Park and Aristotle and Dante are amazing. Lovely post!


    • BUT BUT. The films caan be great, but I could never get into the dramas. (Way too many drumrolls and screen-to-screen reaction for EVERY character after a single dialogue. idk XD)

      I never have the heart to replace my HP books. Like, why not get other books I’ve never read instead?? Ooh, I’ll go listen to that right this minute. Thanks for stopping by ❤


  2. The entire section about words makes me so happy, I love that you wrote a story for your choice of each one. There’s a word for the smell after it rains: petrichor. It’s one of my favorite smells as well 🙂 I also adore the sounds of crashing waves on the beach and dark-chocolate-covered cherries. Lovely post!


    • Is there a word for collector of pretty words? Because that would be me xD I love petrichor – if someone could bottle it into a perfume I’d be the happiest person alive. Awh, those sounds are so beautiful – I can almost imagine them.

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  3. This reminds me of the More Happy Than Not tag! I love the idea of focusing on positivity in your life. I used to think that I had to constantly change things to be happy and that’s how I’d find happiness, but when I almost lost everything because of it, I realized that I just had to be more grateful. Now, nothing in my life is different from when I was miserable… except my attitude. And I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life!


  4. Yes yes. I love this post and I love your answers. This whole tag just makes me happy. The smell of rain makes me happy. Singing and dancing along to happy songs — but there’s something infinitely empowering about singing along to Fall Out Boy. I love the word “shenanigans”.


    • INGE YOU MAKE ME HAPPY :’) This comment makes me happy. Fall Out Boy songs are great fro when I’m down. Either I’ll be dancing and singing- er, shouting- along, or by the end of it I’ll be ready to cut a bitch.


  5. This is such a sweet tag!! I swear, these tags are getting so good =O I dunno why, but Beautiful Times by Owl City always lifts my spirit. [ This fight of my life is so hard, so hard, so hard / But I’m gonna survive / Oh, oh, these are beautiful times ] I dunno what it is about it, but it’s perfect. A random thing that makes me happy are those perfect sunny days (I live in London so… kinda have to take what I can get e_e )

    This post was great. It made me feel nostalgic for… something. The past, maybe?


    • I feel like I’m on a tag spree right now – all of them are so unique atm. *adds Owl City to playlist* I’ll go check that song out! Sunny days are great. They immediately put me in this weird drowsy/smile-for-no-reason mode. When you’re living where I live, you’ll come to dread the scotching summer days though.

      Haha saaame. Thinking about memories, happy things made me ache, for some reason. But in a good way. [I don’t even know, honestly]

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  6. I love the smell of rain on a warm summer night. I’d love to bottle it up and just spray it all around me wherever I went. I love how you can find snippets of happy places within a song, a book or even. But this ‘when you close your eyes, and the colours and stars paint constellations. for the light when it doesn’t exist.’ My goodness, that is absolutely beautiful! My heart is swooning. I absolutely ADORE this post Nirvana and thank you so, so much for sharing ❤


    • Ugh. The smell of rain of warm summer nights does something to me. [If they managed to somehow actually bottle it, I’m pretty sure perfume companies could make millions from it.] That’s so nice of you, ohmygod, I’m smiling like an idiot right now ❤


  7. I might have to steal this tag to do as well. I think what really makes me happy is lit candles, and just the scents of them. Except I may or may not have lit a candle and then set off the fire alarm. Whoops. I also love my peace and quiet, and also warm summer days/nights. I think if we put those two together, and then books, I would be really happy 🙂

    This is a great tag Nirvana! I love the words you choose, like serendipity, and SYRUPY! (That is a good one!) I haven’t really given this much thought, so I would have to think about it for a long time.


    • We both seem to have had our fair share of fire disasters – I once had a matchbox blow up in my face. Needless to say, it wasn’t a very pleasant experience (I choked for half an hour.)

      I love the word syrupy – there’s something so warm and gooey about it.


  8. Aaah this is so lovely! My mum used to play the Once CD on repeats so I think I have all the songs ingrained somewhere in my memory. I always associate them with dinner parties.
    ARI & DANTE. I find…I don’t re-read books right now, like, ever. I used to for comfort and now I tend to read fic instead. (I don’t know. That feels a bit embarrassing? But anyway.) Benjamin Alire Saenz is a ridiculously good writer with ridiculously good books. Omg yes to all these films as well ❤ And chiaroscuro is the loveliest word. Just. A LOT OF LOVELY THINGS HAPPENING HERE.


    • That’s so lovely – I haven’t watched the movie itself, but all the songs are so pretty when played on guitar.

      Don’t worry, I’m the same right now. Things change. (I wasn’t sure if the books category included fics as well tho.) The only thing I’ve been rereading right now is Ari & Dante, and Sisters Grimm fanfiction (because they’re better than the actual books.) Thankyou for your lovely comment, as always. x

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      • I actually haven’t watched the movie either haha, but YES — the music is just so wonderful.
        *recalls Sisters Grimm from her distant memory* I REMEMBER THIS. Slightly? They had a lot my school library. Yeah. It is more frequent than I think that the fics are better than the actual books hehe. 🙂


  9. Twenty One Pilots and Fall Out Boy make me so happy. 😀 And Bridge to Terebithia. And ASOUE. And just so many things. I love the smell of books and coffee and pizza. I love the sound of rain beating against my window. I love silence. I love listing things I love. 😛


  10. AH, this is such a lovely tag, and I adore how you made it a little bit ~more~ with your answers ❤

    Is Carry On My Way wars Son on there because of Supernatural? I cannot help but think of that show whenever I see/hear that song. THE FEELS.

    Also: YES to Ari & Dante. And Enid Blyton (my childhood lived in the pages of her books). Ten Things I Hate About You will always be one of my go to movies to pick me up. As well as Win a Date with Tad Hamilton. Because reasons. Like quoting different smiles.

    I actually used to use chiaroscuro as a name for myself! I contemplated using it for blogging, actually. So I adore that word, and I'm so glad you do, too!

    And the scent of rain is pretty much the most beautiful thing in this world ❤


  11. My gosh, you have incredible taste in everything. I love the musical choices you chose and just about everything. All Time Low’s A Daydream Away makes me feel happy all the time. I also love Stop and Stare since that was a preteen playlist repeat for so many months. Anyway, loved this beautiful tag! ❤


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