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Beautifully morbid dedications, halsey & poetry


I have a good memory. Which means that part of the perks of being my friend would mean suffering through random quotes that I spout.

My sister and I inherited that from my father. It’s cool though – one of my favourite memories with her, was when I was getting a glass of water at one in the morning, and I found her pacing outside reciting Edgar Allen Poe. Needless to say, I was very creeped out.

But it ended in a lot of giggling and snorting on water. And Sarah Kay (more on her later). It was cute; one of the few (or the many times I refuse to count) I was really happy to have a sister. They’re like minions who’ll listen to your rants and music.

…but I digress, where was I?

I love these a lot though – they’re in no particular order, what from poetry, to lyrics, to book quotes. But they’re definitely worth memorizing. And they make me happy, like I-just-listened-to-Halsey happy.


  1. because this is my favourite song in Badlands.Screen-Shot-2014-06-17-at-6.20.20-PM.png
  2. because Sarah Kay is the person who got me into spoken word poetry.2I will love you all forever if you watch this.
  3. this sounds like a really sappy life quote, maybe it is, but for some reason I keep on coming back to it. it gets me through the day. “People aren't either wicked or noble. They're like chef's salads, with good things and bad things chopped and mixed together in a vinaigrette of confusion and conflict.” (1)
  4. I found this through Vicious, but damn. The accuracy hurts. life, the way it really is,
  5. And this. They’re both saying the same things buuuut I just like making quote edits a lot. Bless Lemony Snicket’s analogies. “People aren't either wicked or noble. They're like chef's salads, with good things and bad things chopped and mixed together in a vinaigrette of confusion and conflict.”.png
  6. Sherlock might not be the best person to go to for advice, but this is what I’ll usually say amid boxes of tissues when I’m a teary mess. nope. it’s a DEFECT. Basically, anything Sherlock or Moriarty will say will be quoted by me at one point.tumblr_n3lairi53N1toif1to1_1280
  7. I love all of Lemony Snicket’s dedications to Beatrice. [Even if she’s fictional, something about that intricately woven universe with doom and fires and mysterious organizations makes me happy. Don’t let Lemony’s threatening blurbs put you off.] At one point, I knew all of these by heart.  CAN I CRY ALL OF THESE ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. And morbid. 53c66b5913535917491d043aef5f0e7d
  8. I reread Ari and Dante* way too much for it to be normal. Nevermind the 872389237 books on my TBR. This book does something to my heart. coffee brewing 101

i think this post was an excuse for me to procrastinate and make a tone of quote edits. which ones was your favourite? any lyrics/witty liners/or quotes y’all love?

- nirvana


20 thoughts on “Beautifully morbid dedications, halsey & poetry

  1. I love quotes and poetry. I watched the thing, she really inspired me with that. Thanks for sharing! Lemony Snickett is great, the tone and wit in his books always brings a smile to my face.


  2. I freaking LOVE quotes. A ridiculous amount. And I love all of these, as well! I think #4 might be my favourite, because I adore Vicious, and also the whole grey morality thing that the whole book focuses on *squishes it*

    Is it terrible that I never read A Series of Unfortunate Events? At that time in my life I was much more obsessed with horse books. And now I almost feel like it’s too late. But those dedications. My gosh. So lovely and morbid. They kinda make me want to read the book.

    Also, you have to love me forever, because I watched that Sarah Kay YouTube video. ;D It was incredible, and I got super teary over it.

    OH, and your edits are on point. MORE, I say!


    • You can join the club c: Vicious is amazing. Books about villains are always glorious.
      I don’t think it’s too late – because I find that if I reread the books now, I’ve noticed so many of the little quirks in the plot, and things I wouldn’t have understood when I was younger. YES. The dedications are lovely ❤

      omg, huzzah! You watched it. *showers you in love* Also, that's very lovely of you, thankyouu.


  3. YELLS. All of these quotes are so beautiful. Asdfghj I love Lemony Snicket – I haven’t read that series for ages. Wow I miss it though, can’t wait for the Netflix TV show. Loved this post, do share more poetry one day 😀


  4. Those Lemony quotes really make me want to pick up the Series of Unfortunate events again! I was never able to finish it and I’ve been meaning to. Is Beatrice’s identity is a spoiler?


  5. Aww, what an adorable memory with you and your sister Nirvana. So cute! But why was she pacing and reading, the suspense? If that was my sister and I, I probably would have walked straight past 😀

    I love that Lemony Snicket quote! We really are all just salads in life aren’t we. Awesome post Nirvana ❤ loved it!


  6. Oh, goodness, those Beatrice ones are beautiful. And very, very morbid. I love the first one, too.

    I have this whole Pinterest board just for beautiful quotes. (Quotes are also just awesome when they have cool backgrounds/typography.) Thanks for sharing!


  7. Omigosh, those are awesome quotes! I especially love that you included Lemony Snicket’s dedications to Beatrice. When I was little, I thought she was real and they would always break my heart. :’D AHH that series is just phenomenal!

    And Ari&Dante, omg, so beautiful. I can’t wait for the sequel coming out!! *DANCES*


  8. You’re such a cool person, but you’re leaving? NO MORE BRAIN VOMIT! How sad. I must die. Also I’ve wanted to read A + D for FOREVER, and I still need to. And i watched the link! She has SUCH a riveting way of speaking! (Waiting for the proposal (of love) …)


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