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the inevitable goodbye

This is my last post at Quenching the Quill.

This decision has been in the works for quite some time, I have to admit, and this blog has been like my rag tag baby for almost three years now. I haven’t posted consistently for months, and yes, I haven’t commented on any of your blogs for a long time. And I will miss you all so, so, much.

For reasons I’m not ready to share, the fact remains that I can’t blog anymore. Mostly, it’s me. But highschool, family, and just general life shit in got in the way. But thank you. Thank you, blogosphere, for giving me a place for my rants, for my writing, at times, even my brain vomit.

Thank you for the lovely, lovely, comments. The long ones; the ones that made me want to jump up and down with my baby sister. The short ones, the insightful ones, the all capital ones, the ones that checked up on me once in a while. Thank you, for being the best online community I’ve ever been in. Thank you, for giving me the opportunity to think “Oh, I should take a picture of this for my post,” or “Damn, I need to blog about this” when something remotely interesting happens in my life. Thank you, to those who stuck back from when I was an eleven year old craft blogger who had no idea what she was doing, to when I became Nirvana’s Pocketful, to now.  Thank you, to a l l of you, anyone who’s reading this post right now.

I might take up blogging again. Maybe I might have my own domain then, or under a pen name, or back to being a half life, half book blogger, but for the time being, I feel like I should stick by this decision. I’m done with this blog.  I want to say, lastly, that I love you all ❤ Farewell, my (hopefully) faithful minions.

- nirvana


23 thoughts on “the inevitable goodbye

  1. Awww, Nirvana, we’ll all miss you! I hope everything sorts itself out soon enough, and you’ll have to let us know if you do start another blog! xx


  2. This is really sad 😦 I hope your life sorts itself out and you find new ways to occupy your time, and I’ve enjoyed all your posts 🙂


  3. Hey Nirvana,
    I only connected with you once–over The Infernal Devices (!)–but I began following you then and read most of your posts. You’re younger than my kids so I felt like somewhat of an intruder commenting, but I wanted to chime in and say I wish the best for you. You’re an insightful person. I’m sure you’ve thought through what you need, and giving yourself permission to break from the blog–or take a break–with no regrets is a good one. Rest. Recharge. Be well. Reach out if your need to!
    My best to you,


  4. I love(d) reading your blog. Especially since we went from knowing each other irl to becoming just internet friends, it was a way for me to feel more connected to you, yanno? Idk why you’re shutting this one down, but if you start blogging again, you have to let me know, k? thxbai.


    Admittedly…yeah. I don’t own a blog. But since I stumbled upon that post with the Ice cream sticks, I find myself returning to it now and again. I loved reading your blog!! Take care xx 🙂


  6. Aw no — of course I’m really sad to hear that you’re going, but it sounds like it’s the right thing for you. It’s been so, so wonderful to read your blog and flail over things! (Many times in all caps. A consistent writing feature of mine. *coughs*) I’m sending all the luck for the future, and I hope stuff improves for you. ❤


  7. Isn’t it just my bad luck to finally work out who my followers are, start to follow back – then discover you are stopping your blogging 😦
    I hope whatever the problem is can be sorted quickly for you, Hun, and that you can come back to the blogosphere, refreshed, renewed, and excited to share some more 🙂


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